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Red Arrow Germany

Smoking methods as they exist for several hundreds of years now have been the first practices used by humans to preserve meat and meat products. The art of smoking of meat and other smoked food products has been developed to a unique food technology especially since the last almost 60 years. In 1956, the food chemist Dr. Clifford Hollenbeck created and later patented the process of producing purified primary smoke products by burning hardwood sawdust and capturing the flavorful wood smoke components in water. Soon, there was significant commercial interest in these specialized products and the Red Arrow company was established. The name was chosen in honor of the 32nd Red Arrow Infantry Brigade, made up of members from Wisconsin and Michigan.

Over the years Red Arrow constantly improved the purified primary smoke products and did a lot of research and development to enable them access to the whole food industry. Since today Red Arrow is continuing what Dr. Clifford Hollenbeck had started once: Combining tradition with the development of new technologies.

In the meantime Red Arrow, the inventor of purified primary smoke products produced by burning hardwood sawdust has developed to the worldwide market leader for smoking applications with freshly generated smoke based on purified primary smoke products.

Red Arrow Handels-GmbH, Bremen as a member of the Red Arrow group supplies food producers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As cold smoking applications assume an important role in these three countries, Red Arrow Handels-GmbH invested a lot of effort in developing a smoke generation system based on the technology of freshly generated smoke from purified primary smoke products that meets the special requirements of cold smoked products (e.g. salami, raw fermented ham, fish, cheese). CleanSmoke is the project that has been launched after successfully developing a proper atomizing section for cold smoking chambers. With this special generator called SmartSmoke as a centerpiece the CleanSmoke concept represents the next generation of a smoking technology for cold smoked products with significantly reduced emissions and energy consumption.




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