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Red Arrow, the worldwide market leader for purified primary smoke products, developed this innovative smoke generation system. Based on the use of purified primary smoke products the smoke is freshly generated in the so called SmartSmoke section of the CleanSmoke system. The CleanSmoke system can replace combustion and friction smoke generators used in cold smoking processes at industrial food processors. The main advantages of this new smoking technology are reduced emissions (air, water, waste), reduced energy and water consumption, safer smoked food products and improved workmanship safety. The target of the CleanSmoke project is to introduce this innovative smoking technology in the EU market starting in 2 EU countries with an annual production volume of 3,600 tons of cold smoked products. Another objective is to penetrate the EU market by introducing this new smoking technology in further 7 EU countries.

The new CleanSmoke smoking process will enable EU food processors to improve the environment, the food safety, the workmanship safety and the economy of cold smoking plants with a fast return on investment. As the CleanSmoke smoking process will take place in a closed system with the SmartSmoke section as its centerpiece by circulation the smoke in a closed loop between the smoke generator and the smokehouse, CO₂ emissions will be reduced up to 80 %. The smoke freshly generated from purified primary smoke products is free of tars and ashes and will reduce the use of cleaning detergents and water up to 70 %.

The main benefits of the CleanSmoke technology are:

  • Reduction of CO₂ emissions up to 80 % in smoking plants
  • Reduction of energy, water and cleaning detergent consumption up to 70 % in smoking plants
  • Reduction of contamination with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons up to 70 % in smoked foods
  • Protection of resources by the use of less wood
  • Increased workmanship safety by utilizing a smoking technology with no fire and explosion hazard
  • Increased hygienic status by eliminating wood and woodchips out of the production area
  • Controlled smoke quality by using purified primary smoke products produced from natural woods under high level quality standards
  • Larger variety in tastes by the use of purified primary smoke products made from different wood species (e.g. oak, beech, maple, cherry tree, apple tree, hickory, pine-tree)
  • Larger variety of smoked products for the consumer




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